At New Horizons we believe that ALL learners can succeed, with the right support. New Horizons helps our students achieve their academic goals through personalized programs with expert teachers who are passionate about learning.  Our programs are carefully tailored to address the needs of each and every student. Competitive rates and flexible scheduling options make us the only choice for quality education in the Hamilton area.

Our programs include:

  • Tutoring & Skillbuilding Programs, including all High School subjects
  • High School Credits with flexible scheduling and 1:1 support available
  • Exam Preparation & Study Skills
  • Homework Support
  • Adult Education & Training
  • Academic & Guidance Counselling
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New Horizons offers:

Individualized programs
Tailored learning plans, with clear goals help us  learn what makes each student tick. Through an  in-depth consultation and  assessment, we work with you and your child to pinpoint strengths, and target weaknesses. This personal attention ensures that learning needs are met and success is achieved.

Built-in study skills
We believe that learning skills are as important as curriculum content.  Students develop effective study habits and independent learning skills that work for them, with expert teacher support each step of the way.

Certified and qualified teachers
Our teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, and bring with them a broad range of experience, knowledge and skills from varied teaching backgrounds.

A Passion for Learning
Our experienced staff and teachers encourage students to take an active part in setting the direction of their learning. Each student has a dedicated Program Supervisor who oversees all aspects of their program, so there's always a compassionate education expert available to help troubleshoot school-related issues or to just listen. We are happy to liaise with schools, teachers, post-secondary institutions or work placement agencies to facilitate learning.

Flexible scheduling
We offer year-round enrolment. New courses can be started at any time. Call today to find out more!

Our students typically see a 10-20% improvement in their grades. Our small group or 1:1 classes help ensure success.

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Learners who struggle with school need a teacher who understands how and why they learn differently. At New Horizons, we incorporate each student's learning style and needs into an Individualised Education Plan. Our compassionate, experienced teachers help turn students who struggle into students who SUCCEED!

How do we achieve this?


  • Highly qualified, Ontario-certified teachers.
  • Direct Instruction to ensure mastery of skills. 
  • Research-based reading and math programs directly teach skills that many struggle to acquire in a conventional classroom.


  • Hands on Learning: We use a multi-sensory learning approach to help tap into students' strengths.
  • Every student works on an Individual Education Plan to ensure their needs are assessed and met.
  • Learning strategies are explicitly taught, to help learners work with their strengths, work around their difficulties and develop strategies for success.
  • Assistive Technology can make the difference for students who struggle with reading, writing and organization. We offer training  for  students using Dragon Naturally SpeakingKurzweil 3000 and Inspirations
  • Support: We work closely, with schools and other involved professionals to ensure that our programs are closely aligned with curriculum.


You will see...

  • Better grades
  • Improved organizaton
  • More confidence!


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