New Horizons enjoys an excellent reputation for highly individualized learning programs for the adult learner. We work closely with clients and sponsoring agencies such as WSIB, to customize a learning plan that meets each student's unique learning needs. Flexibility, personal attention & a genuine commitment to excellence are what make us a leader in adult education in the Hamilton area. New Horizons is a WSIB Preferred Provider.

 I was really impressed with the teachers at New Horizons, and the flexibility they gave me to work at my own pace. The teachers constantly gave me confidence in myself and gave me the skills to be successful. When I began this program, I was at a Grade 6 level. I have now successfully completed my GED. I would highly recommend New Horizons to anyone who is struggling in school. It worked for me!    Jeff


 Academic Upgrading Whether it's preparation for college, university, career college or workplace re- entry, New Horizons' students graduate with the tools they need for succes. Each and every program is completely customized to the needs of the learner and their individual academic or vocational goals. Our students graduate feeling confident, with marketable, practical skills and the knowledge to carry them to the next stage in their careers.  

Basic Skills Development: Literacy & Numeracy for the Modern Workplace Designed for the individual who is re-entering the workforce, this program focuses on foundational math and reading skills. Our research-based remedial programs build the skills, and confidence for success. All programs are customized towards future academic or vocational goals to ensure practicality & student interest. Monthly reports carefully track progress and program direction. Computer skills can be integrated into programs upon request.

Customized Computer Skills Training The world of technology can be daunting for many adult learners. New Horizons makes it easy! Our experienced, friendly teachers go at "your pace", to build confidence and ensure success. Programs are customized to learner's next vocational or academic steps upon request. 

High School Credit Courses for Mature Students Many adult learners missed out on academic opportunities in high school. New Horizons, a registered Private School (BSID: 666956) understands the unique challenges and strengths that the mature student brings to the classroom. Our customized programming, flexible scheduling & complimentary counselling services are ideal for the returning student.

Test Preparation: The GED & Beyond! Work with our experienced team of teachers to develop the knowledge, skills and strategies that are key to GED success. We offer a full range of support programs for  professional testing and licensing exams including, GMAT, TOEFL, the OREA Real Estate Exam, and Mature Students Entrance Exams.

Individualized Programs for Learners with Special Needs Our team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience & expertise in designing education programs for students with unique learning challenges, including: Learning Disabilities, Acquired Brain Injury, ADHD, and other barriers to successful learning. Progress and program goals are carefully monitored and reviewed with clients and third party funding partners. 

New Horizons is a WSIB Preferred Provider.

Contact Karen Sutherland, Director of Adult Education & Training, to arrange an assesment, or for more information on how we can customize a learning plan for you. (905) 525-1234.



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